spanish learningIf you’re looking to learn a new language, then the best thing that you can do is to look for a good language learning software program.  There are so many out there that it can be hard to choose, however.  So I definitely recommend looking into some reviews.

It’s Not Easy

Learning a new language is definitely not easy.  There are a lot of hurdles.  If you can’t fully immerse yourself it’s easy to lose momentum because it takes a certain kind of discipline to learn a new language that not many people have.  This is true unless you’re kind of “forced” to learn the language, such as when you have to take it for school or for credits.

The thing is not to get discouraged – you have to understand that it’s definitely a large undertaking to learn new languages and get anywhere near proficiency.

Stick With It

The key when learning a new language is to stick with it.  Create a calendar of sorts and keep track of your daily progress.  Reward yourself with a sticker or a star for filling in days.  Once you get on a roll you’ll want to keep filling in those days to stay on track.

Certain language learning software programs have built in daily goals that help to keep you on track.  I really like the way that the Rocket Languages series keeps track of your daily progress through points and colored icons that tell you how well you did on each lesson section.

Another thing that you can try to do is to get involved in some foreign films in the language that you’re learning.  This is a great way to stay interested in the culture as well.  When I was learning Spanish (using Rocket Spanish, which I love) I would watch Spanish movies to see how much I could understand.  I think it was also helpful to get a feel for the language spoken in a natural way.  Sometimes I would have english subtitles on.

Another thing you can do is to watch your normal TV and movies with Spanish subtitles on.  You will pick up on the phrases used and it will slowly sink in.

Get A Good Software Program

If you’re learning at home it pays to get a good software program to help facilitate the process.  I strongly recommend the Rocket Languages system, however a lot of people also like Rosetta Stone.  I personally do better with a more traditional style of language learning that Rocket Languages provides.

Rosetta Stone tries to immerse you, however I found it a bit confusing, especially when it came to figuring out grammar.  Also, useful phrases are not really there.

Which Language To Learn

I mean, this is an easy question to answer for the most part.  People looking to learn a language usually have a specific reason, and that reason usually ties in with the language itself.  However, sometimes people just want to learn a language but they aren’t sure which one.  Do you want a big challenge?  Then learn something with a different writing system, such as Japanese or Chinese.  If you want something simpler and more useful in day to day life, try Spanish or French.  It’s really a question of personal taste as well as whether you see yourself using it.